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Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Gym Divider Curtains

GDC-M-FS: Electric foldup curtain

GDC-M-WD: Walk draw curtain on track

GDC-M-RU: Electric rollup curtain

The Curtain

These custom-made curtains not only serve as a divider but offer noise and visual privacy from the other side of the gym. The curtain is made in three styles to meet your specific needs.

Accordion-Fold Type (Electric)

This is the most popular style because the curtain neatly folds and stores at ceiling level. The continuous-shaft winch system consists of a 3/4 hp. electric winch with up/down limits and key switch. It includes the 1 1/4" pipe, 1/8" cable, bolts, clamps and other needed hardware.

Walk-Draw Type (Manual)

The Walk-Draw Curtain is designed to neatly fold parallel or perpendicular against the wall, out of the way. The entire curtain attaches to carriers that roll on the 16 gauge galvanized steel channel track for manual push-pull movement. Ninety degree curves are available for turning corners.

NOTE: All curtain fabrics are anti-bacterial/anti-fungal treated, flame retardant and are listed by the California Fire Marshall.

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