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Gymnasium Cover Guard (GCG)
Preserve Your Gym's Home Floor Advantage

  • Customized
  • Easily handled
  • Easily washed
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Water Repellant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Tear Resistent
  • Cold Resistant
  • Ultra Violet Resistant
Floor Protection With Durable Vinyl Cover

The gymnasium is your most expensive floor and it is usually over-used and abused.

Protect your over-used floor with NGE, Inc. flexible 18 ounce (standard weight) polyester reinforced vinyl "COVER GUARD" for all those non-exercise activities that demand valuable floor space and seating that only a gymnasium provides for school and community needs.

Produced to your specifications from five (5) foot widths of standard 18 ounce reinforced polyester vinyl. Heat sealed seams provide a solid cover with no toe stubbing edges.

We recommend a one piece cover and the NGE Floor Cover Overhead Hoist for optimum satisfaction.

Stock colors: Blue, Gray, Green, and Beige

Standard Production Floor Protection

GCG-18-0P Gym "Cover Guard" - 18 oz. - One Piece:

The one piece 18 ounce floor cover is fabricated to the customers desired dimensions. The one piece feature accommodates the aspect of protection as readily and rapidly as possible.

GCG-18-MP Gym "Cover Guard" - 18 oz. - Multiple Pieces:

The multiple piece approach is fabricated in twenty (20) foot widths, and require a six inch overlap that needs to be secuted at each overlap seam.

Other Weight vinyls available upon request.

Also Available:

GCG-R-18-F "Cover Guard" runners:

Standard five (5) foot widths. Width and length fabaricated to request.

GCG-OS "Cover Guard" Overhead Hoist storage system for floor covers.

Designed to accommodate any size cover. Ideal for one piece covers. Custom fabaricated to accommodate the size of the gym. Simply fold the floor cover once or twice to match the length of the system. Secure the folded cover to the roll-up unit, and roll the unit toward the hoist. Attach the roll-up unit to the hoist toward the hoist and elevate for ceiling storage.


A floor cover that is always convenient and easily available means it will be more readily used, thus saving the floor.

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