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mat hoist® Storage System 1000

mat hoist® Storage Systems

MH 500: Stores up to one (45' x 45') mat
MH 1000: Stores up to two (42' x 42') mats

mat hoist® Transport Systems

MH 2000: Manual push/pull from balcony to gym.
Transports up to one (45' x 45') mat
MH 3000: Electric in/out drive from balcony to
gym. Transports up to one (45' x 45') mat
MH 2000 or 3000 mini: Transports up to one
(15' x 45') section


Protects Mats

The mat hoist® Storage System replaces the typically risky method of manually lifting, moving and storing wrestling/gymnastic mats. Storing wrestling and gymnastic mats at ceiling level leaves floors free for other activities, and reduces susceptibility to mat damage. Most mats are still stored in hallways, closets, stages, bleachers, and gym floors. This ties up valuable space designed for other uses, and exposes mats to needless damage. Movement through doorways cuts multiple V-shaped gouges in the vinyl surface and foam core. The mat hoist® safely simplifies the process of movement and storage to just minutes. The process is simple and quick: roll the mat(s) into the one-piece sling, attach the sling to the steel load bar, and turn the key until the mat reaches the desired height. The key switch is centrally located so the entire process can be viewed during movement. Centrally locating the key switch allows the entire process to be viewed.

Protects Students/Athletes

The mat hoist® reduces problems associated with manually lifting and moving mats. The age-old manual approach requires an army of students or others to maneuver up to one ton of mat across bleachers, through doorways, over stairs and other dangerous obstacles. With the mat hoist®, there is no heavy lifting and balancing. Just a turn of the key and the operation is done safely!

Protects Institutions

This enhances protection for the institution. By reducing chance injuries from lifting and carrying mats, the mat hoist® reduces liability risks. Eliminating liability factors in today's society is essential.

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