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Permanent Wall Padding
Practical Protection at Practical Prices

  • Shock Absorbent
  • Attractive
  • Upholstered Vinyl
  • Easily Maintained
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti Bacterial Treatment
  • Fungi Resistant
  • Resistant to Extremes

First and Foremost

The protection of people from endangering obstacles and unforgiving walls in areas of activities has been a concern of administrators for years. In this day of legal frequency, this concern is now more imminent. NGE protective mats are being used more than ever where jostling youngsters, hyperactive middle schools and formal physical activities are conducted.

Wall pads behind basketball standards and on wrestling room walls are traditional. Padded areas have now expanded to multipurpose rooms, obstructions in cafeterias, tracks, ball fields and other areas where needed.

NGE's wall pads are standardized as a 2 foot wide pad and offered in eight basic colors of durable vinyl. Special size and color request are available.


PWP 205: Standard 2' x 5; flat wall panel
PWP 206: Standard 2' x 6' flat wall panel
PWP -1c 205 or 206: L shaped 6" x 6" outside corner pad
PWP - cp 205 or 206: Three sided column pads produced per specification
PWP - cb 205 or 206: Specification production for special needs to accommodate doors, fountains, electrical fixtures.
PWP - jc   'J' shape channel for mounting of pads with the one inch securing tabs. Simplifies installation and saves labor costs. Allows removal when necessary.
PWP - ii   Installation instructions provided


Beige Gray Royal Blue Yellow
Black Red White Green

Other colors available by special dye lot.

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