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About NGE
  NGE is dedicated to bringing customers around the world the best in high quality gym and athletic equipment that functions efficiently and is easy to store. For over 20 years, we have provided the finest in wrestling mats, Mat Hoist® storage systems, indoor batting cages, and other products. We work to meet your needs to make sure that your athletic activities go smoothly without worry about the equipment. For additional information about any of NGE's superior products, please call or send an E-Mail.
`   Mat Hoist® Storage System

Our hoist is a superior product based on over twenty years
of engineering. Mats are stored at ceiling level, leaving the floor free.
    "Greco" Wrestling Mats

Mats manufactured to fulfill your needs. Colors, lettering, logo, etc.
are available.
    Baseball Batting Cage Systems

Ceiling mounted cages that hang from the ceiling truss. Folds up
neatly and stores at the ceiling after use.
    Gym Divider Curtains

Dividers create spatial versatility and aide in noise reduction.
Provides easy ceiling or wall storage.
    Permanent Wall Padding

Protective padding protects athletics areas and any other area where
protection is needed. Features versatility and many colors and sizes.
    Gymnasium Cover Guard

Protect your over-used floors with these covers. Covers are fabricated
to meet your dimensions in single or multiple mat approaches.


Contact Us

NGE, Inc.
P.O. Box 370 / Industrial Park Northeast
Roland, IA 50236

Direct Line: (515) 388-4118
FAX: (515) 388-4340

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